Manta Ecuador

Manta Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in South America. The capital of Ecuador is Quito. But another interesting city in Ecuador is Manta. Among the cities in the country, Manta Ecuador is ranked fifth when it comes to population. Manta may only be a city in one of the provinces in Ecuador but it is the third biggest contributor to the country’s income. One reason for that is because of the fishing industry in the said area.

Tuna Fishing is considered the staple of the city’s economy. Because of this, Manta has the largest seaport in the country. The city also has an international cargo airport that can ship local products both domestically and internationally.

During the years 1999 up to 2009, the air base of Manta has been leased by the US air forces to help eradicate drug trafficking in the country. This project was in conjunction with the local government of Ecuador. Their port was also the entry port of the French when they arrived in Ecuador to get the location of the equator in 1735.

The most popular sport in Manta is soccer. People play tennis often as well. Water sports are also popular in the city because of its location. Manta is adjacent to the beach. It also has great beaches along its shoreline. Because of this, the city was chosen to host the 6th South American Windsurfing Championship. Other water sports that are popular in Manta are scuba diving, surfing, waterskiing, kite-surfing and kite-boarding. All of these water sports are popular in Ecuador because of the calm climate that is experienced almost all year round.

Sport fishing is also popular in Manta Ecuador. Most of these sporting events take place from the month of January until April. January is also a common month for some events and competitions. Manta is also well recognized in Ecuador because of entertainment. An International Festival for Theater is being held annually, specifically during the month of September. According to the history of Ecuador, Manta has existed even before the Europeans have colonized the country. There are various pre-Columbian crafts and items showcased at the Central Bank Museum.

Having one of the largest incomes in the country, Manta has a very solid economy. Fishing is widely practiced in the city where most of the income is from. Tuna is the most common kind of fish being caught. Aside from fishing, the tuna is also being processed and canned in the city as well. Because of the presence of their international port and international cargo airport, their tuna items and canned products are easily shipped to other destinations like the United States and Europe. Vegetable oil is another important product from Manta Ecuador.

After Quito and Guayaquil which are large cities, Manta has many large companies located in its metropolitan area. Aside from that, the famous “Panama” hats are produced in Manabi, the province of Manta. Because of the vast fishing industry in the city, most cuisines revolve around seafood.

Aside from those industries, the tourism industry also plays an important factor in the city’s economy. The presence of a large international port gives Manta the advantage since there are a lot of cruise ships that stop by in Manta before proceeding to other areas in the pacific.

The beaches in San Lorenzo are very popular with surfers since the waves are very powerful in most times of the year. Because of great wind conditions in Santa Marianita, kite-surfing in the area is slowly getting more popular. Manta is definitely a city that tourists should visit. Manta Ecuador definitely is proving itself as an important city in the country.